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Dinis Duarte Ferreira Pestana
Doutor em Probabilidades e Estatística (University of Sheffield, U.K.)

Prof. Catedrático
DEIO, Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa, Edíficio C2,
Piso 2, Campo Grande,
1749-016 Lisboa

  • Office: 6.4.05
  • Phone (direct): +351 21 750 0040
  • Phone (PBX): +351 21 750 0010
  • Phone: +351 21 750 0000
  • FAX: +351 21 750 0081
  • e-mail:

Dinis Duarte Ferreira Pestana
  • Agregação (Habilitation degree), Applied Mathematics, University of Lisbon, 1982
  • Equivalence to the degree Doutor em Ciências, Probability and Statistics, Universidade de Lisboa, 1979
  • Ph.D., Statistics, University of Sheffield, U.K., 1978
  • B.Sc., Pure Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, 1973
  • Probability; stable models; randomly stoped sums and extremes; population dynamics, extremes and chaos.
  • Location/scale in non-gaussian populations; Analysis of Spacings in exponential populations.
  • Functional Methods in Probability.
  • Sampling.
  • Risk process.
  • History of Peobability and Statistics.
Other Professional Activities:
  • Professor, Department of Statistics and Operations Research, since 1985 (retired in 2010)
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Science of Lisbon, 1979-1982
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science of Lisbon, 1978-1979
  • Research Assistant, University of Sheffield, 1975-1978
  • Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Science of Lisbon, 1970-1978
Courses Lectured:
  • Probability Theory, B. Sc. in Applied Mathematics, B. Sc. in Applied Statistics
  • Advanced Probability Theory, M. Sc. in Probability and Statistics
  • Biostatistics, B. Sc. in Biology, B. Sc. in Pharmacy, B. Sc. in Health Sciences
  • Statistics, Science and Society, B. Sc. in Applied Mathematics
Most recent publications:
  • Gomes, M.I. (2017). Extreme Value Analysis and Risk Modeling. Proceedings of the 61st International Statistical Institute World Statistics Congress, ISI2017, International Statistical Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • Cesário C, Santos R, Pestana D, Pereira CP (2016) Medico-Legal Age Estimation in a Sub-adult Portuguese Population: Validation of Atlas Schour and Massler and London. J Civil Legal Sci 5: 196.
  • Abrantes, C. Santo, R., Pestana, D, and Palmela Pereira, C. (2015) Application of Dental Morphological Characteristics for Medical-Legal Identification: Sexual Diagnosis in a Portuguese Population, HSOA Journal of Forensic, Legal & Investigative Sciences 1, 1-7.
  • Gomes, M. I., Brilhante, M. F., and Pestana, D. (2015) A Mean-of-order-p Class of Value-at-Risk Estimators, in Kitsos, Ch., Oliveira, T.P., Rigas, A., and Gulati, S. (eds.) Theory and Practice of Risk Assessment, Springer Verlag, 305-320.

  • Mendonça, S., Pestana, D., and Gomes, M. I. (2015). Randomly Stopped k-th Order Statistics, in Kitsos, Ch., Oliveira, T.P., Rigas, A., and Gulati, S. (eds.) Theory and Practice of Risk Assessment, Springer Verlag, 249-266.

Other relevant publications:
  • Brilhante, M. F., Gomes, M. I., and Pestana, D. (2013). A simple generalisation of the Hill estimator, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 57, 518-535. doi>10.1016/j.csda.2012.07.019.

  • Bispo, R., Bernardino, J., Marques, T. & Pestana, D. (2012). Modeling carcass removal time for avian mortality assessment in wind farms using parametric survival analysis. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, DOI 10.1007/s10651-012-0212-5.

  • Gomes, M. I., Mendonça, S., and Pestana, D. (2011). Adaptive Reduced-bias Tail Index and VaR Estimation via the bootstrap methodology. Communications in Statistics — Theory and Methods, 40, 2946-2968.

  • Pestana, D. D. e Velosa, S. (2010). "Introdução à Probabilidade e à Estatística", 4ª ed. revista, 1164 pp., Calouste Gulbenkian Edition.

  • Gomes, M. I., and Pestana, D. (2007), "A sturdy reduced-bias extreme quantile (VaR) estimator", J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 102, 280-292.



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